Career App

DCME’s innovative Carer Mobile App, designed to streamline care delivery and empower carers with essential tools and information right at their fingertips. Our app revolutionises the way carers manage their tasks, communicate with the care team, and provide exceptional care to service users.
View Care Plans, Risks, Medication information and so much more!

Service User Information

Access comprehensive details about assigned service users, including care plans, medical history, preferences, and contact information. For example, carers can quickly reference a service user's care plan to ensure they provide personalised care that aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

Real-Time Reporting

Document activities and observations in real time, such as completing tasks, recording vital information, and reporting incidents or concerns. Carers can easily log completed tasks and record medication directly on the app, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation and ensuring that all information is captured accurately and promptly.

Task Management

Efficiently manage tasks for each service user, with reminders for medication administration, meal preparation, personal care tasks, and more. For instance, carers receive timely reminders for administering medication before departure, ensuring that service users receive their medications at the prescribed times without any delays.

GPS Tracking

Supervisors can monitor carers' locations during shifts, ensuring timely arrivals and departures from service user locations. This feature enhances accountability and safety by enabling supervisors to somewhat track carers' arrival and departure whereabouts and respond promptly in case of emergencies or deviations from planned schedules.

Training Resources

Access training materials, instructional videos, and resources to enhance carers' skills and knowledge, promoting continuous professional development. Carers can access a library of training resources on the app, allowing them to stay updated on best practices, new techniques, and regulatory requirements in domiciliary care, thus enhancing their competence and confidence in delivering high-quality care.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Streamline care delivery processes, reduce administrative tasks, and optimise carer workflow.

Improved Communication:

Foster seamless communication and collaboration among carers, supervisors, and other care team members.

Enhanced Care Quality:

Provide personalised, timely, and high-quality care to service users, promoting their well-being and satisfaction.

Requesting Leave:

Staff can request leave through their app negating the chance of any human errors on the management side.

Professional Development:

Empower carers with access to minor training resources, helping them enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of domiciliary care.

Experience the future of domiciliary care with DCME’s Carer Mobile App. Empower your carers, streamline care delivery, and elevate the standard of care provided to service users.