Service User Management

Are you striving for an exceptional CQC rating? Do you take immense pride in the glowing reviews from your Service Users or local authorities?
If so, DCME is tailored perfectly for your needs!
We take great pride in the compliance features we offer and the extensive functionality they provide. Stay updated with input from family members, effortlessly distribute pre-designed quality assurance questionnaires, and complete Care Plans or Assessments of Needs seamlessly within DCME.
Along with these you can add extensive communication records to document every communication relating to a specific service user. Be it a GP, Family Member or even a phone call to your office for a rota change.
Whether you’re completing pre-built Risk Assessment forms or customising your own, our platform enhances the efficiency of your coordinators while ensuring easy access to vital information whenever it’s needed.
With the option to fill out forms on a tablet, you and your administrative team can enjoy mobility and flexibility without compromising on productivity!