Service User Reports

With DCME, say goodbye to the tedious task of manual documentation for service user care. Our software automates the process, generating comprehensive reports covering every aspect of care, from body maps to dietary needs and complaints.
Our Appointment Summary Reports are especially valuable, offering a bulk download option that includes all relevant information for a specific appointment. This data allows you to assess various facets of care quality effortlessly.
When it comes to sharing information with local authorities, DCME simplifies the process while providing extensive detail. You can effortlessly provide three months’ worth of detailed appointment information, covering finance, task completion, and even bath temperatures.
Need to audit an appointment? With DCME, it’s a breeze. Our real-time reporting ensures that all documented information is readily accessible, allowing you to find what you need in seconds. Experience the efficiency and convenience of DCME for your domiciliary care management needs.

Staff Member Reports

While we’re proud of our extensive range of service user reports, let’s not overlook our invaluable staff member reports!
With DCME, tracking mileage has never been easier. Our mileage reports automatically calculate distances between appointments, eliminating the need for manual calculations. Just two clicks and you’re done!
Our software meticulously documents staff hours, categorising them by normal hours, weekend hours, overtime, and bank holiday hours. Plus, you can easily view total assigned hours for each staff member, streamlining the management of international staff.
DCME also provides detailed insights into appointment attendance, highlighting missed, late, or early arrivals and identifying the staff members involved. This feature simplifies caregiver management, ensuring efficient operations.
Leave management is a breeze with DCME’s Leave Requests Report, which tracks and documents all requested leaves, providing a comprehensive overview of staff availability at any given time.
Experience the efficiency of auditing with DCME’s intuitive reporting features. Streamline staff management and enhance productivity with our comprehensive suite of staff member reports.