Care Coordinators

Being a Care Coordinator is no easy feat. The constant changes to rotas and managing hundreds of appointments spread across many different staff members could be daunting without the proper tools to tackle the challenges.
This is why DCME is proud to have produced an exceptional rota system. With DCME’s intuitive platform, care coordinators gain access to a suite of tools designed to simplify and enhance their workflow.
Furthermore, DCME’s platform provides care coordinators with access to essential staff information, including days off, working hours, and other relevant details. By consolidating this information within a user-friendly interface, DCME enables coordinators to efficiently allocate shifts, anticipate staffing needs, and address any scheduling issues that may arise.
With real-time insights and actionable data at their fingertips, coordinators can ensure efficient rota management and uphold the highest standards of care delivery.
By providing a centralised hub for rota management, DCME enables coordinators to optimise staffing levels, minimise scheduling conflicts, and maintain continuity of care.
Having such a treasure trove of features inevitably increases your ability to tackle issues and to generally produce the best rota you can for your staff and of course, for you service users.
You can download the rotas at a moment’s notice in multiple formats. This allows you to send or deliver the upcoming rotas to your service users ahead of time and with the Push Notifications feature you can send messages to all staff at once about any rota updates.
You can imagine how much time some of these features will save you and if you still use paper, it really can be an enormous weight off of everybodies shoulders. With the added time saved you can coordinate to allow for more packages, more staff and most importantly more happy service users!
Check out some examples of the cloning features below!